Entry List Winners list for the 13th Pearl Jewelry Design Contest

hWhen Pearl and Silver become as one, a new brightness  begins...h

Judge Date: September 17th , 2009@9:00a.m.`

Total number of submissions:  418 works
@@404 submissions from general artists
@@14 submissions from elementary & Jr. high school students

Tomoyuki Suganuma Chairman of Japan Jewellery Designers Association
Yoko Oba Director of Japan Jewelry Craft School
Masafumi Shimizu ainan mayor
Hidekazu Yoshihara Silver Clay artist
Shinya Tsuno President of gAmi et Shin Pearlh
Koji Tenpaku Chairman of Uchiumi Pearl Association
Mitsugu Kouno Chairman of the Contest Committee
Chikako Nakamura Member of the Contest Committee

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